Top Five Underrated Indian Youtube Channels

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In this article I will talk about the top five underrated Indian youtube channels which makes great content and are a delight to watch.

Here goes the list !
1. Incorporate Movie Makers : 12.6K Subscribers
Incorporate Movie Makers is a channel on youtube which makes great short films, unlike most other channels their main focus is on the story line and each and every short film’s story is 100% original, no copy paste work is done here.
I did a bit of research about it and found that Sanam Ahmed Khan is the Whole and Soul the Incorporate Movie Makers. He writes, directs, edits and has even acted in a couple of videos.

Sanam and his core team is working very passionately. However, due to limited resources they are trying to prove that films can be made with minimum available resources if you are passionate and dedicated. InCorporate Movie Makers follows a bollywood trend and their each short film will give you a cinematic touch including trailers, credits and color grading.

Here’s the link of the Channel and some of their best video

Channel Link : Incorporate Movie Makers

Short Films-:

2. Mad Ladakhi : 4.72K Subscribers
Deachan Angmo is content creator of this channel. She mostly puts lifestyle vlogs on her channels which her viewers enjoy a lot. In one of her vlog you can see her holding a placard while paragliding in Bir Billing, the placard says “ I love you Ranveer Singh ”

Her last video was posted 4 months ago, maybe she’s not posting videos now as even after putting so much effort on creating good content , she’s not getting the number of viewers that she deserves.

Channel Link : Mad Ladakhi


3. Made In Ranchi : 417 Subscribers

Made in Ranchi is based in Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand and the home town of M.S. Dhoni.

The channel brings out stories from Ranchi. Last year they created a Series called “Mere Shahar Mein” which concluded in 4 episodes

Made In Ranchi mainly focusses on making memes and has more than 13K Likes on Facebook and more than 1300 followers on their instagram profile.

Channel Link : Made In Ranchi


4. Indian Booktuber : 45.6K Subscribers
Manpreet Kaur is the “Booktuber”. Manpreet reviews every type of books on her youtuber channel Indian Booktuber. She puts up a video on her channel every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Manpreet also runs a vlogging channel name Life of Manpreet on which she has managed to get around 3400 subscribers.

Channel Link : Indian Booktuber


5. Digital Commentary : 84.4K Subscribers

This Indian youtube channel serves you with Interviews of famous actors of the digital world and also they have posted a couple of videos where they are talking about their top picks of Web Shows.
Digital Commentary has done interviews with Jitendra Kumar aka Jeetu Bhaiya from Kota Factory, Ahsaas Channa, Abhinav Anand aka Bade Sharma, Ritvik Sahore, Shivankit Parihar and a lot of other digital stars.

The Channel has created many series like DC Hangout, DC Trending Talents, DC’s Thoughtcast etc, but the most famous series of DC is “Unfolding Stardom” where the host of the channel visited the houses of these digital stars and talked about their life story over a cup of tea made by these stars themselves.

I found these interviews very interesting and you’ll not get bored for even a second unlike the boring round table type of interview.

Channel Link : Digital Commentary


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